Wesley Community Springs Tower | Saratoga Springs, NY

1st & 5th Floor Renovations

The Springs Building is part of the sprawling Wesley Community, which offers residence arrangements to adults in every capacity from independent senior living to long-term care. Angerame Architects has redesigned the first floor of the Springs Building with a new front entrance that provides both the convenience of protection from the elements as residents are entering and exiting by car, and also a focal point defining the entrance to Springs Building. The cafe and gift shop are open to residents and guests, and all facilities are designed to have increased safety and accessibility. In addition, the neutral color palette and natural elements of light wood tones and grey brick enhancements add to the clean, updated appearance of the space.

The fifth floor renovation includes two separate living neighborhoods to de-institutionalize a dated “race track” design of the ‘70s. Upon entering the unit, a resident or visitor is focused on an open lobby with an adjacent lounge. This welcoming space has created a major transformation to the existing unit. Also, the dining room has been opened to the lobby and includes a country kitchen that is welcoming to all.

The corridors are designed in an off-set plan to limit the long visual site lines that previously existed. In addition, the effect is residential in scale and welcoming to the residents. Each neighborhood has lounges/living rooms with electric fireplaces to instill a residential environment.