Glendale Home | Scotia, NY

The Glendale Home, which is owned by the County of Schenectady, was designed by Angerame Architects and completed in 2014. This modern, inviting facility is made up of “neighborhoods” for seniors, with common living space and private rooms that offer features based on local home architecture.

The main entrance to the Glendale Home is a grand entryway with a common area that separates the two residential wings. This two and a half-story clerestory space features high ceilings and large windows, making it airy and filled with natural light that is inviting and energizing. Upper stories are connected to the lobby and residents can enjoy windowed seating areas that overlook the lower space. Off the lobby is a café and multi-purpose room, which are designed to be comfortable spaces for residents to socialize, engage in activities, or visit with guests.

Each neighborhood features its own dining room and country kitchen. Meals are plated in the country kitchens, which offer residents inviting food aromas at mealtime. Adding to the ambience is exterior balcony space so that residents might enjoy outdoor dining. Each household unit has a great room, which is designed to promote a healthy, comfortable living environment that includes natural colors and “like home” styling.